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Katherine Rey Samels aka K.Rey is a painter, guitarist & songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Minneapolis she comes from a family of artists and musicians and has been creating visual art since childhood. She also has an extensive background in music++


For the last 13 years painting has become the primary focus for Katherine as it allows for her expression in a more tactile and object-based way. Her paintings echo a synthesis of abstract expressionism and folk art. She often uses symbols, & vibrant colors to evoke a chaos, which is ordered by deliberate brush strokes. Major influences in her work are her Mexican American roots, Latin American Surrealism, sexuality, death & social injustice. Katherine works with acrylics, watercolors, paint markers and ink on wood and canvas.  She has studied art at Cooper Union and School of Visual Arts & music at The New School in New York City.  Katherine is a mother and identifies as Latina & Queer. She lives and works in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.,


++Selected Highlights++

-Founding member of the Bloods, one of the first all female queer band. Toured Europe and the US. Opened up for The Clash, The Go-Gos and VanMorrison

-Guitar player for Riske, one of the first all female Haitian bands. Toured Haoti, USA and Canada. One of the highlights was opening for Tito Puente.

-Guitarist with Transisters, one of the first all female bands that had a Trans singer, the iconic Chloe Dzubilo

-She is currently the songwriter & guitarist for her musical project Juniper Smyth with original songs streaming on Spotify and Apple Music

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