Katherine Rey Samels, AKA K.Rey is a visual artist and musician/ songwriter from Brooklyn, New York and is Queer indentified. She comes from a family of artists and musicians and is currently the songwriter & guitarist for her musical project Juniper Smyth. Painting has now become more of a primary focus for Katherine as it allows for her expression in a more tactile, physical and object-based way. Her paintings echo a synthesis of abstract expressionism and folk art. She often uses a mixture of symbols, vibrant colors & simplicity to evoke a chaos, which is often ordered by deliberate brush strokes. Major influences in her work are her Mexican American roots, Latin American Surrealism, sexuality, duality & social injustice. Katherine works with acrylics, watercolors, paint markers and ink on wood and canvas. She has studied video and music theory at School of Visual Arts and The New School in New York City. Katherine lives and works in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.

K. Rey Artist
K. Rey Artist

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Katherine Rey Samels

Brooklyn, NY